6 Tips for a Smooth High School to College Transition

Transitioning from high school can be daunting but also exhilarating. You can bask in your new found freedom, meet new people, and chase your dream career path. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the transition into your new world.

1. Keep an open mind. You are going into a brand new environment with new people, so be receptive to new relationships and new experiences. Go try new things, go out and meet new people, and take classes that interest you. This is the time to develop yourself and create lasting relationships.

2. Just because you are going to college, doesn’t mean that your other friendships will deteriorate. Make time for your friends from high school and your friendships will last.

3. Enjoy the free stuff. You may not believe this coming straight out of high school, but you will soon discover that anything free is the way to go. In college, sometimes to make the most out of the smallest amount of money, you have to get crafty. So take advantage of free food and discounts your university may offer.

5. Take a walk around the university and find your classes before they start. This will help ease any stress and you will feel more confident walking into class.

6. It will take time to get adjusted. You’re not going to feel comfortable right away, on average it takes about six weeks to get adjusted. Take a deep breath because soon enough you’ll feel at home.

7. Study. You may have not had to study too much in high school, but you will need to study for college. Remember, you are there fore a reason, so putting in the hard work will definitely pay off.

Soak up these next four to five years that you are about to experience because you will never get those years back. Take a deep breath and relax because you will be perfectly fine and you will have the best time. You’re going to do great in college, so cheers to the next chapter in your life!


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