6 Summer Workout Tips

Summertime means pool days, which means you want to look your best and feel comfortable. With these summer workout tips, you can still have your fun in the sun while getting your workouts in.

Take advantage of running outside. The temperature is warmer which means you can get off of the treadmill and enjoy the the summer days. Try going in the mornings or at night so you can avoid the highest temperatures of the summer days.

Do yoga outside. Just because it’s yoga doesn’t mean it isn’t considered an exercise. Take advantage of the sunny outdoors and go do some peaceful yoga outside. There are plenty of apps that can guide you in a couple of yoga sessions.  

Play a fun sport outside with friends. This is a great way to spend time with friends while being active.

Wear sunscreen. Even though you may be out in the sun for an hour or even less, it is important to wear sunscreen and protect your skin.

Stay hydrated. When working out outside in warmer temperature it’s important to take in lots of water. Your body will thank you, and if you want to see best results, water will help you achieve this.

Create a buddy workout to do with a friend outside. This can be a fun way to shake things up a bit and have fun with your workouts. Plus you will have motivation and an accountability partner from your friend.

Have fun and love yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence, so don’t be so hard on yourself.  Enjoy your summer while taking care of your body. You know your body best, so remember not to push it if it is saying otherwise. Resting is just as important as working out!

Photo via Matthew Kane


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