How to Have Summer Vacation in Your Hometown

It’s summertime and that means a summer vacation. However, you may be watching your budget or just don’t have the time to travel. No worries! You can have a vacation in your hometown! Sometimes staycations are the best vacations. Take a day or two off from work and enjoy your “vacation” at your own home.

Meet up with an old friend and plan a date. This is a great time to take to time that you usually don’t have to go see an old friend. You can plan a whole day to spend quality time with them or go get brunch.

Plan a date for just yourself. Sometimes when you have work and other responsibilities you forget about yourself. This is a great opportunity to take care of yourself and re-energize your mental and physical state.

Go camping in your hometown. If you want to get away from your home, take an inexpensive trip near your home by going camping.

Do something you’ve never done or had the chance to do in your hometown. There is always that one thing you have always wanted to do where you live, but never had the opportunity to. Now is the time to do it! You have all the time to go and enjoy a new fun experience.

Binge watch your favorite TV show and create a spa day for yourself. Sometimes you just need time for yourself, and what better way than pampering yourself and watching your favorite TV show? This is a great opportunity to escape from the world and focus on you.

Go on a road trip in your home state. Go see a new part of your state that you haven’t seen before. You can make a day trip and try a new restaurant and see new sights that you haven’t been able to enjoy before.

Summers at home don’t have to be boring. Go on—spice yours up!


Photo:  Jay Wennington


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