Celebrity Inspiration: Yara Shahidi

Actress. Student. Activist. This week’s Feauty University Celebrity Inspiration, Yara Shahidi, is a multi-dimensional talent.

At 17 years old, Yara uses her platform to speak out on social issues. “It’s a fortunate space to be in, to feel as though my presence can make a difference,” Yara told Vogue. “I go into this world of public living, not hoping for fame or celebrity but to make some sort of impact.”

During the school year, Yara frequently shared videos and posts on her findings from her readings.

She had her college letters of recommendation written by Michelle Obama—and she’s been accepted into every college to which she applied. Though she hasn’t chosen a college yet, she’ll major in African American Studies and Sociology. We can only hope Yara will continue to share what she learns when she begins her college classes.

And if that’s not enough, she’ll be reprising her role of Zoey Johnson, whom she played in ABC’s Black-ish, in Freeform’s spinoff, currently titled College-ish.

Yara is a reminder that to truly reach our potential, we must continue to challenge ourselves to be our very best.


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