How to Deal With Friend Drama

Your best friends are your soul sisters and other halves. However, even when you love your friends there may be times that you fight, disagree, and argue. The way you handle these situations can be the key if they result in a positive or negative manner.

Don’t spread the drama and rumors to other friends. Instead, go straight to the source. Talking about your friend drama with other people can escalate the situation. Think about it—you wouldn’t appreciate hearing about your issues with a friend from someone else. So go straight to the friend with whom you are arguing. Doing that will relieve some of the drama and give you a better opportunity in resolving the issue.

Talk it out, in person. Don’t try to talk about the problem through text, social media, or over the phone. Your thoughts and feelings will not translate well and neither will your friend’s. Talking in person will give you both a better understanding of what exactly is going on and how each of you feel. Plus, you won’t have your thoughts and feelings in writing, and they have little to no chance of getting out to other people.

Explain your thoughts and feelings in a calm and respectful manner. Stay poised and calm. Things will only escalate if you are angry, annoyed, or defensive. If you communicate in a negative way, your friend will likely communicate in the same manner and become defensive. This gives you no positive results and could risk your friendship.

Don’t jump to conclusions and hear your friend out. Be willing to listen to the other person’s point of view. You don’t have to agree with your friend, but you can be understanding. Listening to your friend’s thoughts and feelings gives you better chance of explaining how you feel and think. When being understanding and open to the other person’s comments the situation can most likely be solved positively.

Ask yourself if this friendship is worth it. Not all friendships are meant to last. Some people are in your life for a certain amount of time for a certain reason, and that’s okay. Don’t hold any hostility or grudges, instead be thankful for the time you had with your friend. Sometimes moving on can be the best thing for a relationship. Maybe you have grown apart from each other or don’t appreciate being treated a certain way. Take the time to truly reflect on the friendship before cutting ties.

If the situation becomes way out of hand, talk to an adult about the situation. He or she may have great advice on how to handle the drama.  Remember to stay positive and have a clear head throughout the situation.


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