5 Reasons to go to Your Next Advising Appointment

If you’re in college, you have mandatory advising appointments. These can seem unnecessary and a little annoying, but they will actually benefit you in the long run. Take advantage of these appointments. They may help you with some of your toughest life and school decisions.

You are assigned an academic advisor when you enroll into a university. Your advisor provides the following benefits.

1.  Your advisor is there to help with degree decisions and other academic and course selections. You can even go to your advisor about life decisions and struggles. This will be beneficial to you, because your advisor can help you make better decisions and get to know you better.

2. Advising appointments help you ensure that you are taking the correct courses. Advisors are also there to show you how and when to make important decisions when it comes to school.

3. Your advisor can help you figure out a class schedule that works best around your work life and family life. Therefore, you will have a successful work life balance while in school.

4. Having a third party to talk to can help you make better life and school decisions. Advisors can help you in difficult situations, by being a voice of reasoning when you can’t seem to make the decision on your own.

5. Your advisor can help you figure out what classes to take and what not to take without having to waste time and money.

Keep in touch with your advisor throughout the year. Staying in touch with your advisor will help you be successful in school, stay on track to complete your degree,  develop skills, and navigate in your university.


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