How to Recover from Making a Mistake at Work

Making a mistake on a job or internship can be frustrating, nerve wrecking, and embarrassing. However, you have to remember that not everyone is perfect and sometimes mistakes do happen. How you handle the situation and recover from it, is what really matters.

Realize what the mistake is and fix it. Don’t stress out and go into a panic, stay level headed, think clearly and see if you are able to correct the mistake first.

Acknowledge that you made the mistake. Take responsibility for what happened, nothing is worse than casting the blame on something or someone else. This makes you look poorly and only makes matters worse. When you take full responsibility for this issue, you have a better chance of coming out of this situation in a positive way.

If you are not able to correct the mistake ask someone on your team for help. Your team members may know how to handle the issue or guide you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because everyone has been in your shoes at some point.

Bring the issue to your boss. Be completely transparent about the mistake and, depending on the circumstance, be apologetic. Ask your boss for his or her guidance to navigate this situation. When it’s all over, be sure to express your thankfulness.

Don’t be negative about the mistake. If you have a negative attitude, you won’t be able to resolve the problem in the manner you want. This will also speak volumes to your team and boss on how you handle situations.

Learn from the mistake you made. This is a great learning opportunity, and if you take it as a lesson, you will most likely not make the same mistake in the future.


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