The Importance of A Cover Letter

When applying for jobs it may seem like you need an abundance of paperwork—resume, cover letter, references, examples of your work. It can be overwhelming. However, these job applications and what you submit can be the deciding factor for whether you land the interview. Cover letters are extremely important and serve a different purpose than a resume. Don’t disregard the value of a cover letter, because it can help you land your dream job.

Even if the job does not require you to submit a cover letter, do so anyway. This will set you apart from the other applicants. It will also show that you took the time to write a thought out letter of why you want the job and how you are qualified for it.

A cover letter is very different from a resume. In a cover letter, you are not listing your past job experiences, instead you are explaining how and why your past experiences qualify you for the job to which you are applying. According to, your cover letter typically includes information that wouldn’t go on your resume, but rather complements it. The cover letter tells an employer what kind of job you are seeking and how you are qualified. This can speak more to how you are as a person and what exactly you want in a career. 

You can be more personal in your cover letter than in your resume.  Explain why you are passionate about the particular job or the industry, which dreams and goals you want to accomplish while at this potential job, and why you are a great fit for this role. The cover letter is where you sell yourself as a person rather than just a worker, as a resume would display.

Be sure tailor your cover letter to the job, and do not use a standard template. You can use the same concept for each job application, but you will want to differentiate them a little bit so it speaks to the job you are applying to. Most employers can tell when you have not crafted your cover letter specifically for the job application. Authenticity is key here, and that is what may land you the job.

Your cover letter is a chance to make yourself standout. Be confident in yourself and let your potential employer see why you are a great fit. Be determined, concise, and tailored in your cover letter, and you may have a chance in landing an interview for your dream job.


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