Before You Decide to Room with Your Best Friend…

Moving away from home for college is exciting. The first thing that is probably on your mind is who will be your roommate. Finding a roommate can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You might be thinking about living with your best friend or maybe you’re contemplating moving in a with a random roommate.  The thought of living with your best friend may sound great to you, and the easiness and familiarity may be comforting; however, living with your best friend may not always be the best idea.

Living with your best friend can hinder your ability to get to know other people and make new friends. When you have the comfort of your best friend you’re not always willing to force yourself to go out and meet new people. College is the best time to make new and friendships and have new experiences.

You may not always want to share everything. You may currently think you could always share things with your best friend, but imagine doing this on a daily basis. You may not want to share your clothes, food, or anything else everyday, and that is perfectly reasonable. This is something that left unaddressed may cause tension.

You may not like the living habits of your best friend. Maybe they are too dirty, too clean, or play their music too loud. This can quickly become a huge problem between the two of you.  You have your own living habits that you want to be consistent, and if your best friend is not the same way then this can easily cost you both your relationship with each other.

When you have a conflict or an argument with your best friend, and you live together, it can be awkward. You can’t take a minute for yourself or a breather from the friendship because you are living with your best friend, and sometimes this can make matters worse or more tense. Unfortunately, this can sometimes ruin your relationship, and the friendship that you have built over the years is not worth throwing away.

This decision is ultimately up to you. Make a pro and con list and really think this decision out. Even though the thought of living with someone random can be scary and unknown, you’ll have the chance to bring new friendships and relationships in your life. College is all about the new experiences. Just because you don’t live with your best  friend, doesn’t mean you won’t see them often or won’t still be best friends. You and your best friend have had this carried relationship thus far without living together, and it can last much longer living apart.


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