Tips for Tackling Standardized Tests

Standardized tests can seem stressful and scary, and, let’s be real, no one likes taking them. However, standardized tests won’t ever go away. You need them to pass a class, to advance to the next grade level, and to get into college. So why not take them on like a boss?! You can obtain the success you want with the right preparation and mindset.

Buy a testing practice book. If you have a standardized test coming up, look into buying a book that gives you practice work, tips, and advice. Not all standardized tests will have helpful book to practice with, so see if your teacher will give you extra homework or practice worksheets to prepare for the test.

Practice, practice, practice. We all know the saying, practice makes perfect. Now, you can’t prepare yourself to know the exact questions that will be on the test, but you can prepare yourself to know how to answer similar questions. You can never practice too much.

Join or create a study group. Studying in a group can be extremely helpful. Others may have different study tips that can help you, or if you’re stuck on a question, someone in your group can help you figure out the answer. This group of people can also be your support group while prepping for your standardized test.

Take a practice test and time yourself. You may be used to studying and practicing problems and questions for the standardized test, so change up your studying and time yourself while working on questions. The standardized test will be timed, so why not prepare yourself in advanced and practice working against the clock. This will allow you to be less stressed while taking the actual standardized test.

Ask your teacher to become a tutor. Your teacher may be able to give you extra help after school. If they don’t have the time, they may know know another teacher who can assist you. Teachers sometimes know the best study tips and practice work that would be best in your preparation for the test, so it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your teacher or a teacher in your school.

Set yourself up for success the morning of your test. Wake up early and take your time getting ready. Eat a balanced breakfast that will keep you full and focused. Focus on the positivity and the success you will have while taking this test. This will help you to not feel as stressed and anxious before taking the test.

Last, but not least don’t panic–keep a positive mindset. You’ve got this and you are going to do great on the test!


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