How to Find an Internship

Having an internship in high school or college can be extremely valuable in landing your first job. Internships allow you to gain experience and knowledge that you may not learn in a classroom. Finding an internship, however, can seem stressful and time consuming, but when you use the right resources, you can find an internship that is perfect for you.

Contact Your University’s Career Services

Your university’s career services will most likely have a list of internships that students can apply to, and they can even help when it comes to building a resume. Career services can also be extremely helpful if you are still unclear what career path to choose. The employees in career services can become mentors and guides when it comes to finding the right career for you.

Get Involved in Networking Events

Your university might host networking events or  know of networking events within the community. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get involved, because you have access within reach. Talk with other students, professors, and others in an organization because you never know who they are connected to or if they know of a potential internship.

Search on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn account can work wonders for you. Just as you would look for jobs, you can do the same for internships. With LinkedIn you can connect with someone who works at the company you are interested in interning with, and that small step could help you get your foot in the door. LinkedIn also gives the employer or hiring manager the option to look your profile for a better understanding of  your work experiences and you as a person.

Create Business Cards

You might not think you need business cards at this stage in your life, but they can help you land an internship. Whether you’re at networking events or you just happen to meet someone in your career field of interest, you can give them a business card so they have your contact information. Having business cards as a college student will also leave a lasting impression by showing your professionalism and your determination in finding an internship.

Internships are great tools to help you get further in your career and to make you a better employee. The skills and knowledge you gain as an intern is invaluable. Don’t let the stress of finding an internship stop you. Make the investment and take on an internship. It will be an experience you won’t regret.



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