How to Build a LinkedIn Profile

We all know social media is important for businesses to market themselves and build relationships with consumers, but have you ever thought about marketing yourself through a social platform? This is where LinkedIn comes into play. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can become your one stop shop when it comes to finding a job.

First, pick an image that represents you in a professional way. You want to steer away from photos that you would you use on your other social media accounts, and make sure it is an image of just you. If you do not have a professional image of yourself, look into getting some headshots taken. You’ll even be able to use these images for other professional events and platforms.

Next, upload your resume. Remember, you do not have to list every single job you have had. Instead, list the jobs that you can speak to in relation to your dream job or a position you would be interested in. The same applies when you write the description for each job you’ve had. List the responsibilities that line up most with the position you’re applying for.

If you feel as though you do not have enough experience, don’t worry there are other things you can speak to. You can certainly list volunteer activities you have been involved in, upload school projects that represent you and how you can apply what you learned to a future job, and even clubs and organizations you have been involved in. You can even show off your blog and personal or professional website so people can get a better sense of who you are and what you are wanting in a job.

List your skills and be sure to be truthful about them. This can be anywhere from leadership, teamwork, or a specialized skill in your area of interest. Your connections can endorse you for your skills, and you can endorse others as well, which helps build relationships.

LinkedIn is a great way to meet new people in the professional world, but remember it is not in your best interest to add everyone or accept everyone who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn. It is important to have connections that positively represent you. And when you ask to connect with someone, be sure to write them a personal message instead of the standard “I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” This will help you establish a relationship with this person and make you stand out.

Last, but not least, remember to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and consistent. When you have an updated LinkedIn page, people recognize that you are using LinkedIn frequently and as a tool, which will help you find a job in the future.


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