Inspirational Celebrity: Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley was initially known as the star of The Secret Life of  the American Teenager who quickly became a major actress in huge movies. However, Shailene is not only recognized for her roles in major films, but for her activism as well. She has made headlines with her powerful voice behind her philanthropic work and the stance she takes on her beliefs. When the smallest voices cannot be heard, Shailene has spoken up and allowed them to be heard on her large platform.

“Forgiveness is the nectar of patience. Patience is the root to the heart.

The heart is the spring of surrender. With surrender, we heal.”

–  Shailene’s Twitter

One of her recent stances has been standing up against the Dakota Pipeline on Standing Rock. Shailene has been fighting for the Sioux Tribe and other Native American tribes to protect their sacred land and their precious water resource. With her help and other protesters’ help as well they have been able to make a significant change in the process of getting the pipeline rerouted.

Shailene’s humanitarian work doesn’t stop there. She also proudly supports American Foundation for Equal Rights,, and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. For her role in The Fault in Our Stars, Shailene had to cut her hair to play her role as Hazel and decided to donate her hair to Children With Hair Loss. Shailene also raised $60,000 for charity at a Divergent screenplay.

We can all take some notes from Shailene on giving back to the community around us and loving people for who they are.  She is a reminder no matter our age, gender, or ethnicity, we all can do something good in our community and leave behind a legacy.

“I want to idolize people who are out there everyday,  

fighting for beautiful causes.”

– Shailene Woodley


Photo via Into the Gloss by Emily Weiss


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