5 Apps to Make Studying Easier

The new year has begun, which means you may have set some new goals when it comes to your studies. Maybe you want to get better grades, to become better at studying, or not wait until the last minute to write a paper… The list can go on when it comes to setting new goals for your school work. By putting tangible steps in place and using resources to help, you can make your goals become consistent habits. Check out these 5 resources that could take your studying to the next level.


Quizlet has become a popular resource among students and teachers, and it is a convenient app to have on the go. The unique thing about Quizlet is that the content is uploaded by users and 87% is shareable. This online source offers six different study modes, such as: Flashcards, Spellers, Learn Mode, Test Mode, Scatter, Gravity, and Long-Term Learning. Each one of these study modes can cater to your type of learning and even track your progress. This may seem to be an overload of options, but the best thing about Quizlet is that it’s so simple to use!


Flashcards+ is an online resource provided by Chegg. This resource allows you to make your own flashcards and study them wherever you may be. You can even make helpful flashcards for the ACT, SAT, GRE, and other standardized tests without having to carry around those extremely bulky study books. And if you don’t feel like creating your own flashcards, you can download others or even share a deck with friends so you can study together. With Flashcards+ you can also add images to your deck which is extremely helpful for those visual learners.

Google Docs

Google Docs may seem like a resource that you use daily, but when used correctly, this platform can take your studying to the next level. Google Docs is great to use when taking notes in the classroom, but to enhance your note taking for an upcoming test, you can add on an app called Texthelp Study Skills. This add-on allows you to highlight key areas of your documents or notes to collect, group, and learn from later. Once you highlight the text, you can pull them into a separate document to save for later and share with other study partners. Google Docs is also a great tool to take notes and share those with friends. After you share your notes with others, they can make edits and notes on it as well. This platform is even more handy when it comes to group projects, because everyone can make edits on one document.


StudyBlue is a collaborative environment that has more than 13 million people studying and mastering subjects. What’s really cool about this platform is that you can learn and compare your study materials to others in your class. StudyBlue also allows you to make study guides that will turn into flash cards, and once you obtain new flashcards, it automatically updates.


BenchPrep is platform that is an interactive library that is used as test prep for for high school, college graduates, or professional exams. It also includes flashcards, over 600 study guides, and in-app purchases. Whatever test you may be prepping for, BenchPrep is a great source to enhance your studying.


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